NZ Graduate Outcomes

This website has job and qualification information to help you make decisions about what to study, what careers might be open to you, and how much money you might be able to earn.

Where will my qualification take me? What qualification will I need for a particular job? What could I earn? Should I consider postgraduate study?

The Graduate Outcomes website maps qualification, jobs and earnings of all New Zealanders aged 30-39 years, based on 2018 Census data. This age range was chosen to give an idea of what recent graduates, established in their careers, are earning.

It shows:

  • up to 20 occupations held by people with qualifications (individuals can have more than 1 job or occupation)
  • the top 10 qualifications held by people working in particular occupations
  • earnings in 5-year age bands and in broad income brackets.

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What are the most common qualifications held by people working in particular jobs?

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Field of study

Based on their highest qualification, what are the most common occupations/jobs people are working in?

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Vocational pathways

See all the occupations/jobs within a particular vocational pathway, grouped by the level of training or education of people actually in these jobs.

Vocational Pathways

Custom Views

Create a customised view of either occupation data or field of study data. You can apply filters to answer such questions as: What are the most common jobs for Pasifika women with a degree-level qualification?


The results presented on this site using the analytical tool have been obtained for research purposes from the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) managed by Statistics New Zealand. They are the result of analytical work by Universities NZ, not Statistics NZ.

Access to the anonymised data used in this study was provided by Statistics NZ in accordance with security and confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act 1975. Only people authorised by the Statistics Act 1975 are allowed to see data about a particular person, household, business or organisation and the results presented in this analytical tool have been anonymised to prevent identification.

Careful consideration has been given to the privacy, security and confidentiality issues associated with using administrative and survey data in the IDI. Further detail can be found in the Privacy impact assessment for the Integrated Data Infrastructure available from

Other resources

  • Careers NZ – jobs database with information on career possibilities and the job market.
  • Vocational outlook – education, employment and income information on 60 key occupations in New Zealand to give you a clearer picture of possible career paths.