NZ Graduate Outcomes

This website has job and qualification information to help make choices about your study and career.

Where will my qualification take me? What qualification do I typically need for a particular job? What could I earn? Should I consider postgraduate study?

The Graduate Outcomes website maps qualification, jobs and earnings of all those aged 30-39 years based on 2013 Census data. This age range was shown to indicate what recent graduates, who are established in their career, are earning.

It shows:

  • the top 25 jobs held by people with a particular qualification - there may be many more jobs held by people under some qualifications.
  • the top 30 qualifications held by people working in particular jobs - again there may be many more qualifications held by people in some jobs.
  • Earnings in 5 year age bands and in broad income brackets.

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Find out the most common qualifications held by people under each occupation/job title.

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Field of study

Find out the most common occupations/jobs that people are working in based on their highest qualification.

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Vocational Pathways

See all the occupations/jobs within a particular vocational pathway clustered by the level of training or education of people actually in these jobs.

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Custom Views

Create a customised view of either the occupation data or the field of study data. You can apply a number of filters to answer questions like; what are the most common jobs for Pasifika women with a degree level qualification?

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